Company Profile

T.H.E. Medical Systems, Inc. was founded in 1999 and currently has offices in Atlanta and Dalton Georgia . Although our primary focus has been on sales and service of diagnostic imaging equipment and turnkey facilities projects, T.H.E. Medical Systems now provides services for all clinical imaging equipment nationally.

In the past few years, all OEM’s and modalities have been added to our repertoire, due to our customer request to extend our high quality of service and significant savings.

By focusing on the reduction the cost of services to our customers, maintaining strategic alliances with independent vendors and providing customers with the type of coverage tailored to their equipment usage, T.H.E. . Medical Systems has proven significant savings without compromising quality of service.

T.H.E. Medical Systems carries a multi-million dollar inventory and many of our customers take advantage of a “preferred” agreement, which includes PM’s, a discount on labor for emergency service, and discounts of up to 50% for quality replacement parts. Our pricing strategies continue to save our customers 30% to 50% over what they have historically spent for parts, service, and refurbished equipment in previous years.

Contact T.H.E. Medical Systems for a no cost consultation and see how we can improve your organization's bottom line.

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